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Eight Arms To Hold You

eight arms to hold you

Louise Post (2:32)
Volcano Girls (single)
Nina Gordon (3:18)
Don't Make Me Prove It
Louise Post (2:29)
Nina Gordon (3:32)
One Last Time
Louise Post (4:45)
With David Bowie
Nina Gordon (2:25)
Benjamin (single)
Nina Gordon (4:05)
Shutterbug (single)
Louise Post (4:16)
The Morning Sad
Nina Gordon (3:08)
The Sound Of The Bell
Lousie Post (3:59)
Loneliness Is Worse
Nina Gordon (5:00)
Nina Gordon (2:44)
Venus Man Trap
Louise Post (3:29)
Nina Gordon (5:28)
Good Disaster (import only)
Louise Post (2:41)
One More Page Of Insincerity Please (import only)
Nina Gordon (3:10)

Outpost Recording 1997