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About The Author

Hi, I'm Mark. I created this site when I was extremely bored during the summer of 99'. First off, don't take my site or me seriously, believe me, even I don't. I am very opinionated and often voice my comments on a particular situation on the site. If your offended by my remarks on a regular basis, sorry. The reason I made a "Nina Gordon" site is because I think she is brilliant musician, not because I think she's cute. Her songs reach me on a, how should I say? Emotionally primative level. Songs like 'Loneliness is Worse' and 'Horses In The City' always reach out and tickle the sensitive being inside of my often, sarcastic and rude demeaner. But anyway, that was too much information so I'll put it in lamest terms, 'Nina's music rocks my world'.

Another thing I would like to point out is I am not like most webmasters. I don't treat my site like a business and act as if I am a God of sorts. You can email me anytime and I'll answer you. I hate when I email someone regarding something and they don't have the common courtesy reply, it pisses me off like you wouldn't belive. I love trading bootlegs and I sometimes send them to people for nothing. There is no emotional profit in being stingy and greedy, if you got something, share it.

I have never met Nina nor tried to. I'm not gonna lie and say that I never want to. Of course I want to! It would be so inspirational to meet someone that created the music, that at times, is the soundtrack of your life. When my parents got divorced and my friends ditched out on me years back, those lovely songs were always there for me, and for that gift I'd have to thank her personally.

I am not one of those Veruca Salt fans that have liked them since the day, hour, and second their first CD was released in 1994. I got 'American Thighs' in the middle of 1996 due to the song Seether, and hated it. I didn't really listen to it, but Nina and Louise's voices drove me up the wall. At the end of that year I saw the release date for their new cd 'Eight Arms To Hold You' and frankly wasn't the least bit excited. I did though, go home and really listen to American Thighs, and loved it. It was so indy that it screamed "SIT THE HELL DOWN AND LISTEN TO MY LO-FI GARAGE ROCK!". I had also been listening to the band Garbage a lot, so I was getting sick of the polished hi-fi dance-grunge-rock. I got 'Eight Arms' the day it came out, and had a couple bucks left so I got a copy of the EP 'Blow It Out Your Ass'. Well I really, really enjoyed 'Blow It' and liked 'Eight Arms', but not as much, though it did grow on me. I saw Veruca Salt in concert with Bush, and collected some of their singles, but I wasn't hardcore VS fan. I really never was that hardcore, I am more then I ever was now that I have the internet. Well flash forward to the present. Face it VS broke up, and at first I was all "Nina is going solo!!! What the hell, does that involve dropping the whole band???". Now I love the fact VS parted, think about it, we have twice the music, twice the concerts and so on. What isn't there to love about that???

Anyway, well about me, hmmmmm, nevermind you wouldn't care........

The bands and artist I'm obsessed with currently are....

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