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With Nina Gordon
A very well put together site. It has lots of info and pics, well worth your time.

Horses In The City: A Nina Gordon Site is run by Jenny, of the famed Jenny's Veruca Salt Site. It's a very good page that deserves all the attention that it gets.

2003 is very nice page. it has great graphics and lots to do.

Seether 800 has done it again with Assault Shaker, A Nina Gordon Page For Those About To Rock , it's a cool page with lots of stuff. Well worth the visit.

Fade To Black is a pretty cool site that has lots of concert reviews and exclusive information.

Where's My Lipgloss??? is a cute fan page with cool stuff to do.

official links

The official Nina Gordon page is

Nina's label is Warner Brothers Recordings.

To sign up for a Nina Gordon news letter courtasy of Warner head to

related links

Bob Rock produced Nina's debut album "Tonight and the Rest of My Life".

The video for Nina's first single "Tonight and the Rest of My Life" was directed by Kate Garner. She also did all of the photo work for Gordon's CD booklet, advertising, and merchandising.

Demos for "Tonight and the Rest of My Life" were recorded at Q Division Recording Studio in Boston.

Nina used to be in the Chicago alt-rock band Veruca Salt. You can find her contributions on the albums "American Thighs", "Blow It Out Your Ass We're Veruca Salt" and "Eight Arms To Hold You". The later was also produced by Bob Rock.

Nina has worked with many other artists on a number of occasions. She lent her vocals to The Smashing Pumpkins for the "Bullet With Butterfly Wings" b-side duet "Said Sadly..." along side guitarist and friend James Iha. On James' solo debut "Let It Come Down" she again sang, but on this occasion she only did backup, on the track "Beauty".
On Fig Dish's album "What Love Songs Often Do" she sang on the track "Quiet Storm King". Just to note, Fig Dish was Nina's ex-boyfriend Blake Smith's band, they toured with Veruca Salt regularly. Now broken up, Blake Smith fronts Caviar.
Another defunct band Nina sang with is triplefastaction. She can be found squealing on the track "Revved Up" off the album "Broadcaster".

old-school veruca salt links

Jenny's Veruca Salt Website is easily one of the best. It has a huge collection of original pics, mp3's and more. Yes, i said mp3's, of rarities like Cock of Nothing and more. Go Now!!!

Venus Salt Trap is another page brought to you by the always wonderful Seether800. It's full of wicked Veruca Salt stuff, like Pics, Tabs and more.

The Speed of Candy a Veruca Salt site you can find so much info on, you'll lose hours of your life. It has a new look, new format, but good ole Irene still is making it. Wow, that site has evolved just like Veruca Salt, except where's the Nina of the situation??

Forget Humility is a wicked Veruca Salt site that has tons of audio files and loads of stuff to do. The webmaster meet Nina like every three seconds so that makes them cool in my books.


The Nina Gordon Club is a great club at Yahoo. Join ASAP.

The United Nina Federation is an awesome message board that Nina Gordon herself is known to drop by and answer questions once and a while.

The Nina and Louise Club is a place to discuss the old and the new.

If you want your Nina or Veruca Salt page added to our links, e-mail me your URL and you'll be linked up A.S.A.P.

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