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past polls

How much would you pay to meet Nina Gordon?
Nothing! She would have to pay me! 12%
Not Too Much... 4%
The price of a concert ticket 28%
A lot 25%
That many digits won't fit here 31%

Out of 100 votes

Nina's Lilith Sets are 20 mins! What's your feelings on this?
That's all? I need more nina then that! 70%
That's fair, she's just started her solo career. 29%
Nina sucks! 20 mins is bad enough. 1%

Out of 59 votes

What other song title would you prefer for Nina's debut solo album?
Black and Blonde 4%
2003 11%
Got Me Down 22%
Now I Can Die 37%
Horses In The City 26%

Out of 27 votes

If you had Nina's phone number, would you have the nerve to call it?
Yes 45%
No Way 55%

Out of 33 votes