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Goodbye Kiss: A Nina Gordon Site
goodbye kiss: a nina gordon site


October 17th, 2000: I finally have found some time to update the lo-fi version of the site. There are couple of interviews added in news and dates added in tour.

September 10th, 2000: I've added the hi-fi version of the site, check it out if you have flash. Feel free to post of the new message board! Nina is in New York right now doing tons of stuff including an interview for vh1 news. She is also the spokesperson for a new make-up company so she is doing a photo for them also. If you live in Australia or Japan you can catch Nina on a two week promotion that will be happening beginning of October.

Want to see Nina tour in your area? Most tours are mapped out depending on record sales and radio play of the artist in that area. Download this list, which is in Microsoft Excel format, to see what radio station is playing Nina's single "Tonight and the Rest of My Life" in your area and REQUEST IT! If your radio station is not on there they are not playing it, so again, REQUEST IT! This is easily the best way to ensure Nina tours stops somewhere near you.

September 1st, 2000: Hey hey! Check out info on Nina's tour in news. I've added a bunch of stuff to disco like the Tonight and the Rest of My Life Single and the Japanese Tonight and the Rest of My Life, sorry I don't have images for them just yet cuz my scanner is acting up. In the b-side lyrics I added Black and Blonde which seems to be about Nina's former bandmate Louise Post. In audio I added Nina performing One More Page Of Insincerity Please acoustic to download. Lastly check out tour to find out Nina's next TV appearance.

Nina Gordon's first single is "Tonight and the Rest of My Life". The video was shot in LA on May 20th. The radio release date for it is June 6th. It's a great song, so request, request and request it! It can also be downloaded at

Nina Gordon's debut "Tonight and the Rest of My Life" out now! Go grab a copy!


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